Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Easter Bunny Arrives

The kids and I stayed home from church because we're all sick. Georgia really wanted to go, but said, "We can't go because Jude's sick". I hated to miss because I teach Sunday School with my friend Andrea and we had a fun day planned for the 5 year olds-4th grade. They used the Resurrecion Eggs to tell the Easter story. Each egg has a different object that represents part of the Easter story. We have some and Georgia and Jude love them.

After a long afternoon nap, Steve took the kids to Blockbuster and got some movies. Georgia insisted on A Bug's Life even though we have gotten that one from the library before. They're happily watching it on the couch now.

Steve got Children of Men and Borat for us! They both sound good.

Steve is able to spend more time at home lately which is wonderful. The kids (and me) have missed him terribly. He hated it too.

Here are some pictures from the weekend.


Paul Noe said...

The kids look great, Dawnie! Looks like ya'll are having almost as much fun as we are with the tots.

Steve... well, he still looks like Steve.