Saturday, May 26, 2007

Girls' Night Out!

I love this picture of me and my girlfriends, even though Rachel isn't in it (she lives in Philadelphia now)and Cathy is leaving in less than a week! Cathy, Kenneth, Theo and Josie are moving up to Winona Lake, IN to finish college. Grace College is my alma mater. Go Lancers! Ha ha ha....

We have been meeting for a long time, like going on 10 years. It's always social and involving food, but we try to do a Bible study, keep each other accountable and pray for each other. They're the best friends I have!

We took Cathy out to Stoney River Steak House last Monday for a last hurrah. It was yuuuummmmyy!!

We are: Kim, me, Cathy, Bethany, Tammy and Karin.

I should also note that most of us met through our other friend Tammy, who lives in Dallas now. We miss her too!