Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Georgia!!

We used to call her Baby Girl, but that's pretty rare these days. Georgia is 4 today. It's so hard to believe! She is such a great little girl. She has a loving, kind heart and we're so glad God gave her to us.

We had a very fun party on Saturday with 8 little friends. Georgia is finally getting into girly things. Last year was all about Thomas, but this year she got tons of princess things, including several cute dress up costumes.

Steve built her her first computer complete with a hot pink keyboard and mouse. She's learning to use the tricky mouse. Her other favorite gift is the Fur Real Kitten we got her.

Jude was sad that he couldn't open the presents. He did help a little bit at the end. His birthday is just 6 weeks away!


The Schmitz Family said...

So sweet! I loved looking at your pics and reading your update today. Happy Birthday to Georgia!