Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I had a great birthday day. Steve got me a GPS for the car. May I never be lost again! I went out with my Monday night ladies at Blue Coast and headed to Starbucks afterward. Steve and I are going out to dinner on Thursday without the kids. Thank you "Miss Bettany".

I decided to take some pictures of me with the kids while I looked all prettied up :)

I regret not having many of me with my kids....ugh.


The Lenda's said...

Those are great pictures! I know what you mean I am usually hesistant to get in a pic. with the kids as I have no makeup on etc. I try to tell myself when I am in my fifties, sixties etc. I will look back and think why didn't I take more pics. with my kids, and at that age I will think I looked great at this age. HAHA Anyway it doesn't usually make me get in more pics. but it is a good thought. You always look nice and you are very photogenic. You are looking good for a gal that just turned 29!!! ;)
Love ya

Cathy Cooke said...

You look lovely, ladybug! I also know what you mean. I'm usually the one taking the picture, and have very few pictures of me with my kiddos!

Kazilar said...

See here or here