Sunday, June 8, 2008

Courage Finds A Home

I got a new kitten yesterday from Happy Tales, our local cat rescue. She is adorable, a tortie named Courage. She had 4 brothers and they rescued them and couldn't catch her til the next day, so she spent the night alone...thus the name :) She is warming up to Alex..he isn't so sure. I hope they're buddies soon. The kids love her. She is so adorable. She isn't the lover that Alex is, but she purrs like crazy when I get near her.

PS They came home with an extra snake! Mack. Jude's potty training gift (belated and guilted into). In case, you aren't familiar with Thomas the Tank Engine, most of our pets are named after trains, etc from Thomas.

My sweet mother shudders at some of our pets. She keeps suggesting I "let them go accidentally". :)


Rachel said...

My girls are looking forward to hanging out with Georgia and JUde and to playing wiht your kitties. See you in a few days.

Dawn said...

Can't wait to see you all!!

Cathy Cooke said...

Aw - I'm jealous that I won't be there at the same time! Courage looks very cute! We used to have an adorable Tortie too named Bernadette! She was a bit on the wicked side though. You have your own petting zoo! ;-)