Saturday, October 4, 2008

Georgia gets stitches

Georgia wants to go back to the hospital and says that this was the favorite part of her day (a question I ask them every night). She is wound up, but doing fine. I would never have been so good getting stitches! Now or as a kid…. She got 7 stitches.

She fell off a low wall at the park today and hit a rock on the inside of the wall. We believe she was knocked out for a minute (she says she fell asleep but just for 3 minutes) I ran over when I heard her crying and she was face down in the corner of the wall. I rolled her over and saw lots of blood. Needless to say, I hate that kind of thing, and thank God my good friend Karin was with me. She ran trying to get napkins and I just held it with my hand. Gracie came over and prayed for Georgia that she “would have a good boo boo”. It was very sweet.

I called Steve and he came over –the park is 5 minutes from the studio. He took Georgia in his car and I went in mine and Jude stayed with Karin all day. We went to the pediatrician first and they said to take her to Vandy because she would do better with a sedative, etc. So off to the Vanderbilt Children’s ER we went.

We waited 3 hours (!) in the er and finally saw a nice intern who did the stitching. We both watched and Georgia never flinched. No shots either. When we first got there, they put a type of ointment on (forget what it’s called) that numbs the area and stays numb for about 8 hours. It works!

We finally got home after a trip to Target for rewards (surprise! she picked a horse) for both kiddos and some dinner.

The stitches should dissolve in 5-7 days and it will scar, but we are supposed to keep sunscreen on the scar all the time to minimize the damage the sun can do to it.


Emilie said...

what a brave girl! (and mama. . .)

The Schmitz Family said...

WOW! Evie almost knocked out her two front teeth this week. I do NOT do well with blood at all! Her pictures made me sad. I hope it heals well!