Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hands On Museum

We visited the Hands On Museum in Johnson City on Friday. It was so much fun. Georgia would have shopped all day at the cool grocery store. She did it at least 5 times and I made her stop so that we could go look at some more stuff.

We were there once a couple of years ago, but this time they're older and it was much more fun - and relaxing for me!

This corn snake looks exactly like ours, except that it is full grown. The oldest one known in captivity, Big Red is 18 years old. Our Bertie is about 1 and very small, but I loved that my kids were not scared at all and loved her.


Christine said...

My kids love museums like that. We have a little grocery store and cafe exhibit at our children's museum. It's always so chaotic. The kids love it though. Cute pix!

The Schmitz Family said...

I am so behind on blog reading. Looks like you have been thinking of creative ways to keep your kids busy while it is still cold outside! I can't wait for spring! This museum looks like a blast!