Monday, July 27, 2009

THE Haircut

I was pretty against the haircut. Jude really wanted it and it was a great bonding moment for father and son. I could only watch so much! :) Jude is thrilled and couldn't stop looking at himself and running around like a mad man. Steve is just relieved that he has a nice looking head for the bald look. The kid has very little chance of having much hair after the age of 20.

I had to include pictures of my furry children. Good thing I have that double stroller for my twin cats. The bottom picture is of the carnage that was Jude's hair.


Emilie said...

oh my gosh.. . . I just teared up looking at that. I wouldn't have been able to watch either. Jude looks adorable with and without hair though.

Right Wing Mama said...

I was reading one of your later posts and I thought "Oh! Jude got a haircut!" And now I see the progression. He looks like such a little man. So handsome!