Monday, September 7, 2009

The Breakdown

So Steve drove the big truck which pulled my van. I drove his car which pulled the trailer full of studio gear.

About 3 hours from Houston and at about 9 pm, I noticed the overdrive light flashing on and off. At first I thought it was ok, but it soon became clear that it wasn't! Steve thinks the transmission is blown. Thank God He kept us safe because we had to pull over on the tiny shoulder of a busy interstate for about an hour while we waited for the tow truck. I prayed the whole time and tried to chat it up with Jude to calm my nerves. I did lots of talking about how God takes care of us! Everytime a tractor trailer whizzed by, the whole thing shook.

We eventually were pulled safely to a hotel only 2 miles away. In the morning, we towed the trailer to the U Haul place, the car to a Ford dealership, and finally got on the road to our new home.

They can't look at Steve's car til Wednesday so I've been without a car since he started work on Saturday. His new boss is going to lend him his truck on Tuesday and I just have to take him to work.

I really love our house here and the town it's in: Sugar Land. It's a lot like Cool Springs in Franklin, but bigger. I went to Randall's, the closest grocery store, last night and I was impressed....they had a Starbucks in the store.

Now all I need to do is figure out where my coffee pot is! Ugh.

The kids LOVE the house. We can't believe how big it is and it has been so easy to unpack. Our bedroom here is about two times the size of our old living room. Thank you Jesus!

We hope that we get lots of visitors here! Houston is a great city and it doesn't get much below 50 at the coldest of the year.

We're heading to the beach today! Yippeeeeee

Oh yeah....the cats. Alex is the cat in the pictures. He is pretty neurotic anyway and was so relieved when we got in the van to drive it from Lake Charles, Louisiana to Sugar Land. They were in the van for 2 whole days without getting out. Don't worry, we had the ac on the whole time. That little rascal, Alex, delayed our leaving Franklin by about 30-45 minutes because Steve had to go under the house to get him. He was petrified by all the commotion of moving.


The Schmitz Family said...

Enjoyed catching up on all of your happenings! Jenna