Monday, November 2, 2009

Birthday Party, Part Deux

We rented this inflatable for her birthday party on Saturday. It was lots of fun. Strangely, though I know virtually no one here, we had about 30 people here. It was great! People Steve works with and their kids, neighbors, about 5 kids from Georgia's class. Even her sweet teacher, Ms. Hause, came over for a bit. She has the flu and was on her way to the clinic with her fiance. Doesn't she look just like a Barbie doll?

My attempt at a lizard cake :)

I love the diversity here. These are two little girls in Georgia's class, Chardonnay and Jocelyn

This is a bunch of kids we trick or treated with Saturday night. They live here in our neighborhood. Again, didn't know any of them but our neighbor boys, Aiden and Ian, but it was fun.

I love this HUGE tree next to our house. Having the kids in the picture lets you see how truly large it is!