Sunday, August 31, 2008

More Fun In PA

My dad took the kids to a retirement community "event" where Georgia got her face painted (Jude declined) and they got to jump in a moon bounce for a whole hour. My Uncle Ron was home this summer from France, so he was also along for the fun. My dad remarked how red Jude's face was after being in the bounce, but he would come out for a break and go back in!

I liken my parent's house to a spa retreat. It's so quiet and peaceful there. I love to lay in the hammock in the evenings when it is so much cooler than a summer night in Tennessee! There are buffalo roaming within view behind their property and more horses as well. nice to relax. My mom lets me sleep in every morning I'm there and gets up with the kids. She also treated me to an hour massage-probably the best one I've ever had.


The Schmitz Family said...

I agree, your parent's house is the perfect house for kids to have fun! I love the pic of them in the hammock with your mom and the one of them on the cars.