Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer Visit To PA

Georgia and Jude LOVE to visit my mom and dad in Pennsylvania. They have just about 2 acres and lots of room inside and outside to run and play....not to mention the millions of toys and "surprises" Grandmom blesses them with.

I also love to visit. My parents bought back the house Bethany and I grew up in about 5 years ago. It's so fun to be back there even though it's a little different (and better!)

My parents' neighbors have two horses that are very friendly and we loved to feed them good grass from our side that they couldn't reach or an occasional carrot. Grandmom even sacrificed one apple on the last day we were there!

Georgia and Jude helped Pops pick tomatoes, peppers and even tiny watermelons that were quite tasty.

We also got to visit with their Great-Grammy, my Grammy who is 91 years old. She still lives by herself, drives and is very sharp. They love to get rides on her electric wheelchair.