Monday, November 17, 2008

Grandmother, Bunny and Daddy Runs Another Marathon

How's that for a header?! Steve was in San Antonio (yes Texas) this weekend to run his second marathon in 6 months. He ran again with his cousin, KC, who is a seasoned veteran of marathon running.

Steve wasn't sure if he was even able to run because he had gotten a stone bruise on his heel from training hard. He was happy to finish in just over 4 hours because it hurt him a lot during the race. I'm proud of him! He is enjoying visiting with some more family today before he heads back to Nashville tonight. In case you didn't know, Steve was born and raised in Dallas.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of Grandmother, but she did bring her adorable bunny, Bunny or Bun Bun. Georgia and Jude loved her! Fledge, the parakeet, came too, but he definitely took a backseat to the Bun Bun.


Christine said...

Congrats to Steve! :) I bet you're proud. The bunny is so cute! Of course the kids are cuter!:P