Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Love Leaves

I really do love the leaves. Even though they keep falling as I rake! Our front yard is small and it's easy to rake them out there for the city to come suck up. We only had a couple of hours to play in them before they arrived. I don't understand the schedule. There isn't one. You put them out and it's pretty random.

Oh, and doesn't the look on Courage's face say it all? We have some VERY patient cats.


Christine said...

That's how it is here. Rake them to the street and the city comes and sucks them up. Luckily we don't have to rake them, the landlord has a lawn service take care of all that. :) Your kids are gorgeous! Love the pics.

Amy said...

If you have leaves in your yard, that means you must have trees....ahh, trees. We have NO trees in our yard which of course means we have NO beautiful fall leaves to play and jump around in. I would love a tree or two (until tornado season and then I'm glad I'm not dealing with them through my roof). Sorry to ramble. Hope you are doing good, girl!