Saturday, May 2, 2009

Big Happenins' In May

About 2 weeks ago, Georgia said her tooth was hurting her. Sure enough, it was very wiggly! I assumed she wouldn't lose a tooth for another year. It was barely hanging by a thread this morning when she let Daddy "wiggle" it. It came right out and didn't even bleed. Her permanent tooth is already right there to pop up.

She's pretty excited about it, but I think I'm more excited. She kept saying, "Why do you keep talking about it Mama?" after I called and sent pictures to grandparents etc!

Yesterday, we also registered for Kindergarten. The school is awesome and everyone raves about it. Georgia is VERY excited to go to school and came home to pack her backpack (you can never be too prepared, right?). Even Jude was impressed. He wants to go too, despite his earlier protests of "homeschool!".


Kate said...

What a beautiful girl.