Friday, May 22, 2009

R.I.P. baby starling

Last night, I saw (from the house) our cat Leo playing with something. It turned out to be a baby bird. After some internet research, we discovered it was a starling.

Georgia made it a nest in her new sombrero. It stayed there all night and we fed it a mixture of cat food, applesauce and hard boiled egg. I also boiled some Karo syrup and water and fed it little drops.

It seemed to be doing fine, that is until we returned from playing at Syd's house. Poor baby was dead. I think I was more sad than the kids.

Oh- In that first picture, the bird is alive and well!


Christine said...

Aw. How terribly sad. :(

our family said...

Poor little bird.
Yeah! for your trip to PA. I would love to get together. The girls are excited to see Georgia, Jude and Grandmom Bergey.
Give me a call and let me know what day works for you all.