Sunday, August 23, 2009


One reason the kids can't wait to move...lizards!

A huge reason Steve and I are excited to move...beach!!!

We're moving to Houston in less than 2 weeks! Wow. It's been crazy, but we're excited to see God's hand in getting us there. The kids are excited, Steve is excited and I'm even excited :)

Steve was offered an amazing job at Lakewood Church working in the Audio department. They have the best of the best there and he is honored to be a part of it. They want him to start September 5...thus the fast move!

I had a yard sale this weekend and got rid of tons of stuff. Steve had a yard sale and sold gear at the studio. We are going to leave the house empty, have some improvements done to it, and hopefully sell it quickly. It's in a wonderful neighborhood, in a fantastic school district.

I am really sad to leave Franklin. I have lived here for 15 years. In our house for 8 years. Brought our kids home from the hospital here. Georgia just started kindergarten and LOVES it. My sister is right up the street and all my best buds are here. I trust God to heal my broken heart over all that and plant some new friendships (never to replace the old however!)in Houston.


Anonymous said...

God Bless you and your family in your new home. May He provide you with new friends and many blessings. Safe travels. Love, Claire (Rachel's mom)

The Schmitz Family said...

Dawn, I know exactly how you feel about leaving friends and family. We have been here over two years and I am just starting to feel like this is home now! Jenna

Amy-Brad said...


Oh my goodness! I was surprised to check your blog and see you are moving! Congrats on your hubby's new job. Sounds awesome!

We have been in our house for almost 9 years now. Whenever we mention moving, our oldest child goes into panic. He cannot bear to think about leaving his neighborhood friends or his school. So I'm interested how you guys got your kids "on board" so quickly.....

We're not really planning a move or anything, but I'm already worried about when we do have to move, my kids will totally fall apart.

I'm happy for you guys, and I think Houston will be a super place to live! Can't wait to hear all about it!