Friday, August 7, 2009

Kindergarten In One Week!

Last night we all headed over to Franklin Elementary School (which by the way, is a fabulous school) for kindergarten orientation. We signed Georgia up for her half day next Thursday. After that, she's full time the following week.

I can't believe the day is coming, but I'm so excited for her because she is SO excited for herself! I admit it would be really hard if I thought she was going to cling to me crying. I hope to attend the Boo Hoo Yahoo Mom's Breakfast at the school after our last goodbyes on the 17th. I don't think I'll be doing either, but it sounds like fun!


Amy said...

I'm sure she will have a great year in Kindergarten! Sometimes it's harder on the mommas than the kids!

Next year will be my youngest starts Kindergarten next year. So you can give me any tips on how to survive when my turn comes......